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Chinese New Year & Feng Shui

June 2, 2022

In honor of Chinese New Year, we wanted to dive into the art of Feng Shui! According to Chinese astrology, 2022 will be the Year of the Tiger which is a creature that embodies ambition, competitive spirit, and communication. So, let’s get ready for a positive year ahead by implementing some Feng Shui decor tips!

What is Feng Shui you ask? In a nutshell, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art based on using energy forces to create harmony in the spaces we occupy. It’s the balance of energy, or chi. The goal of Feng Shui is to invite positive chi into your home so that your life feels both energized and balanced, and it is a relatively simple way to improve the vibe of your space. While we’re no experts we’d like to offer some basic tips!

You can bring a positive chi by making simple changes to your surroundings and balancing the five elements of Feng Shui: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. And since Dragonfli Design Studio’s aesthetic is what we call “elemental”…this seems quite fitting! Each element represents certain positive traits. Wood is a symbol of creativity and growth; fire is an emblem for leadership and boldness; earth stands for strength and stability; metal signifies focus and order; water embodies emotion and inspiration.



In Feng Shui, clutter is believed to take up valuable space that new incoming energy needs. You don’t want any of that bad “ju ju”, so steer clear of any kind of mess. For instance, your entryway represents the way energy enters your home and your life. Make sure when you walk into your home, it feels inviting, welcoming, and there are no restrictions. Organization is key so add a coat rack or storage bin and get rid of unnecessary items. Make sure to dust the windows and allow sunshine and positive energy to flow into your home. Windows are the eyes into the home! Anything that hinders movement in your home needs to be placed differently. 

Another great way to declutter is to clean your workspace each day. It’s easier said than done but we are the first to admit…it truly makes a difference! Not only will it make you feel less stressed out, but it will also create a sense of order. Plus, you’ll get a clean start each day (as mentioned in our other blogs), which should benefit your productivity.

Indoor Designs

Architectural Spaces

In the art of Feng Shui, slanted walls and exposed beams are also deemed unlucky…even if we do love a beautifully placed exposed wooden beam! Avoid keeping either your stove or bed directly under a window. If your front and back door is aligned, there is a staircase right in front of your entrance, or your door is situated after a lengthy hallway…consider making a few changes to the interiors of your home.


Mirrors and Metals

Of course, some aspects of your house can’t be changed. So what’s the solution then? You can always make some additions to your home that will help bring in good luck. Incorporate bright colors and objects, especially mirrors and lights. You can also use hues that symbolize the five elements of Feng Shui like earthy tones, whites, blues and reds. Consider adding some pleasant sounds generated by wind chimes or bells. The metal element is great to incorporate into your home office as it helps with clarity, sharpness of thought, calming and balancing energies.


Add Some Plants

Include some living organisms like plants, fish and other pets. By adding plants, you will also include the wood element in your décor, which symbolizes creativity and growth! Choose a pleasant fragrance for your space too. Decorative water fountains also add the water element to your home, which denotes emotion and inspiration.


Go vertical

Integrating some vertical shapes and lines in your home represents growth and expansion. There’s a few ways to do this. Add some lighting where the light travels upward. Add a tree to a corner to make the space feel taller. If you have the room, put in some tall bookshelves. Work with what you have to create the feeling of height.

Feel like you have a long way to go? That’s ok, just start on one project at a time. We promise your home will thank you and you will be thankful for your home. You’ll have a sense of peace and tranquility…and who doesn’t want that?!

With Love…XOXO S.T.Y.L.E Nation!