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June 2, 2022

Can you believe it will be 2 years this March since the first COVID-19 shut down? We never thought the impact of the virus would last this long and yet here we are. According to a study done in October 2021, 45% of employees are now working from home in a full-time or part-time capacity. Isn’t that crazy? We have learned to adapt to a new work culture from our pjs, merge our work and personal life, and juggle kids, dogs, and work calls!

Now more than ever, how we organize our work space is crucial. It really sets the tone each day for how well we get things done. That has brought us to highlight our very own Crimson Meadows home office and a few tips we have to help ease tension and stress so you can find the utmost productivity as well as de-clutter physically and mentally.

Morning Matcha

Start the Day Off Right

It’s easy to sleep in until that last second when all you have to do is roll out of bed and login to your work computer, but we find it best to wake up early and set the mood to your day. Quiet time before the chaos starts is vital to a positive mental state. We love to prepare a matcha (see our LOL blog for some amazing recipes), turn on some peaceful music, and take a few minutes to journal and reflect. Write down the things you need to accomplish that day and if you are old school like some of us, whip out that cute planner you bought in December and get organized for the day. Taking even 15 minutes in the morning to do this will dramatically change the way you interact with people and stay on track with all those to do’s!

When the day is over, clean up your desk, mark off those things you accomplished, and be excited to start the next day clear minded and on track!

Home Office Space

Ideal Work Space

There’s a few things we can’t live without. Natural light, a little greenery, and some awesome home office furniture! Working in a room with windows allows you to really experience the 9-5 and not feel like you’re in a perpetual closet working your life away. Studies show that people who work where there is natural light are more likely to sleep better at night, have less eye strain and headaches, and actually make fewer mistakes! Not to mention you will have a MUCH better attitude throughout the day. Plants have a similar affect whereas they are also proven to increase air quality, creativity, and mood. Did you know they even lower your chances at getting a cold?!? We will take all the help we can get these days!

Now for our obsession with a few pieces from our Crimson Meadows project that we want to highlight for you! We absolutely love our work table from Down East. The warm wood colors perfectly accentuate our Steely Blue built-ins and black focal points. You couldn’t find more comfortable chairs than the sleek counter stools we found at Four Hands. Lastly, the literal jewel of the whole room is our beloved black beaded chandelier compliments of Passport Home Furnishings! It really ties together the entire room nicely don’t you think?

In thinking about your own home office, make sure you select colors that appeal to you! You want to see a color scheme you love every day, but here are a few suggestions to get you started. According to color psychology, beige greens and yellow greens are the most stress-reducing shades. So they are ideal for a home working environment. They also make a good neutral background for displaying art. Soothing colors, such as greens and blues, will offer tranquility and connect you to the outside. Select the best hues depending on your personality traits and what your job requires of you. Cool blues and deep navy tones promote creativity and spaces that you go to for visionary or deep thinking. Cool tones also help a small room appear to have more space which is great for a smaller home office. In contrast, those who lack focus will benefit from bright colors. Here are some of our favorite colors from Sherwin Williams…

Color Palettes

Don’t play it too safe when it comes to using pattern and color. Even a room that’s lacking in color can still be bursting with visual appeal. In fact, many designers love working with a neutral color palette because it can really translate to any design style. But the key to doing is successfully is to embrace a variety of elements that will add interest. You’ll want to combine materials and textures, which will create contrast and a sense of dimension.

Working Space

Keep What Works at the Office

Don’t fix what isn’t broken! There’s alot of benefits to the culture and structure that comes from working in a physical office building. So why not apply them at home? Humans are programmed to have a time to “work” and a time to “rest" each day. If your hours are not set in stone, make sure to block out a time each day where work is work but then afterwards you decompress. Take an actual lunch break to, yes of course eat, but also go for a walk or a jog around the neighborhood. Working off and on 16 hours a day will make anyone loopy! So whether it’s 9-5, 11-7, or 1-9 make sure you have time to log off each day and put that check list on the shelf.

Do your best not to isolate yourself. If you work in the realm of lone wolf designers, entrepreneurs, or you’re a one woman department, make sure to conference call with others in your field and pick each other’s brains. Reach out to co-workers in the company who also work from home so days don’t go by where you haven’t connected with anyone. There are benefits to working from home but it can be lonely. You can change that! We are certain your peers are begging for a little friendly conversation too.

Lastly…dress to impress…yourself!! Who says you can’t feel good about your appearance working from home all day? Even if for no one but yourself, put on a little makeup and a cute and comfy outfit before you start your day! Wear whatever you feel good and productive in, and we promise it will help you work hard and feel good about yourself while you do.

Lady At Work

Until next time S.T.Y.L.E. Nation! XOXO