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Spanish Kitchen

September 14, 2023
Spanish Kitchen

Spanish kitchen interior design is known for its warm and inviting atmosphere and rustic charm. Styling a Spanish kitchen interior design involves incorporating elements that reflect the rich and vibrant culture of Spain. Here are some key elements and features commonly found in Spanish kitchen designs:

Terracotta Tiles:

Terracotta tiles are a quintessential feature of Spanish kitchens. They add a rustic and earthy feel to the space. They can be used for flooring or as a backsplash, creating a warm and traditional look.

Ornate Details: Spanish design often incorporates intricate details and decorative elements. Look for ornate patterns on tiles, ironwork on cabinet doors, or carved wood accents. These details add character and a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Hand-Painted Tiles: Spanish tiles, particularly hand-painted ones, are highly sought after for their beauty and craftsmanship. Incorporate them as a backsplash or use them to create a focal point behind the stove or sink area. We used this in our Cambridge kitchen and worked with Walker Zanger

Spanish Kitchen

Dark Wood Cabinetry: In traditional Spanish kitchens, dark wood cabinets are often used. They can be intricately carved or have simple, rustic designs. The deep color of the wood adds warmth and depth to the overall design. Here In our Cambridge kitchen remodel we used a walnut stain on our island and pantry doors!

Natural Materials: Spanish kitchens often emphasize the use of natural materials. Besides terracotta tiles and wood, you can incorporate elements like stone countertops, natural stone or brick walls, and hammered copper sinks or range hoods.

Spanish Kitchen

Remember that Spanish kitchen design can vary depending on the specific region or style you're interested in. Whether you prefer a rustic farmhouse look or a more refined Mediterranean style, incorporating these elements will help you create an authentic Spanish kitchen interior design. The key to achieving an authentic Spanish kitchen interior design is to create a warm and inviting space that reflects the vibrant and eclectic nature of Spanish culture. If you want to check out this Spanish kitchen remodel in-depth check out our Instagram!